building ecommerce web site. How to Make a Single Product Template for WooCommerce with Elementor

Sometimes the single-page WooCommerce templates they have for the products are boring and all are well controlled by their theme. In this video we will discuss how to make a custom template for your products using the elements or the page creator correctly.

Now we have our template, and this is the theme of Astra and this is how the template of your commodity looks, so we have some long diamonds from the breadcrumbs categories Add to cart the price, the brief description, some other items here,

so let’s go ahead and show you how to get started, let’s go ahead and navigate to Elementor and go to my templates from there, let’s go ahead and add a new template, select a unique product and we will name this unique product here and create from here you will recognize the famous element or creator of pages that we have here, do not worry about any of this,

this is a demo site that I imported using Astra premium sites and this is simply basic and all for the content, so here we have the element of the page creator so we can go ahead and add a new section here and we have the same options that we normally do with the element or the creator of pages for our other pages.

leave your images here and then you have all your correct information and then you have more additional information below, but let’s go ahead and change that a bit on the left side, you will see a new product category for the elements,

we have a lot of different elements that will help us make a single product page and I’m sure that these will be updated, and we will be added to this list as time goes by, so you have things like your product title,

your product images and price, like your qualifications and your tabs, so everything is here that you need to recreate an item or a single product or something that can improve on the current theme that you are reusing to go ahead and start I’m going to make a simple configuration of two columns and from here we will drag the images of our products to here and we have our image of the product,

we have the sales tag we had, that tool zooming, all those things we need and then we can go ahead and start dragging some other elements that we have the product title so we can go ahead and add this title here we can actually add the title anywhere we want,

for what does not always have to be the standard I know that it will be difficult to find some template ideas that know that they move away from the normal template of a single product,

but I am sure that they will come out with some excellent and once people start to really see their templates and to see what other people have created, all of their creative juices will start to flow, so we have the title here and when we move forward and edit, we have all the same style options so we can go ahead and design it without embargo.

want to change the typeface or is it bigger or smaller and we also have the same options for the font family and then the weight and style transformation things of that nature, let’s go ahead and move on, let’s add the brief description unless you want go ahead and add that but you change the color of the text, the typography,

so we have this size 16, maybe you want to add a background to this and then let’s add some padding, then we can continue and add some other things here, let’s do the product price so that we can add the price just below here and then, of course,

we want someone to need to be able to add it to the cart, so we will have the Add to cart button, maybe like here, we can center this, justify it, align it, there are all these different options that you can do, let’s go ahead and justify this completely, let’s go ahead and add some other goal so we can be guar adding our categories,

all our things of that nature, we can go ahead and stack them online, make it a table we want to solve that and if you notice that you cannot see it at this time, it is cut, it is highlighted, but if you click ,

add a small divider just above that to separate it from the rest of the content and we also have some product content additional information product tabs let’s go ahead and add on and our product tabs drag down here,

so we have this, let’s add a little margin above so that we have our description and our reviews here, we can go ahead and drop down on the panel, create all our style here and also the tabs so that we can move to the background colors so that the icon matches

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