how to make an ecommerce website using wordpress 2020

If you’re looking to create a WordPress online store fast and easy this guide is for you. I promise, it is a lot easier than you might think and there’s never been a better time to build a shop with the world’s most popular web platforms: WordPress and WooCommerce.

So, let’s look at what you will create if you are going to follow all the steps in this tutorial. (lower third & website preview) Even if this is a clothing shop, once you build it, you can adapt it for any type of business.

You just need to change the products and visuals. The best part is that you don’t need to pay a designer or a developer. Everything you see is made using only free resources and you can find the download links in the description box.

Before we start, let’s go over everything that you can expect in this tutorial. Remember that you can jump right to your preferred section of this video using the timestamping the description box. We will start by choosing a catchy domain name.

Then we will set up WordPress and WooCommerce and in the end, you will see how to customize the design of the shop.

Here are some more highlights: You will learn how to manage your inventory and how to set up different payment methods…how to add variations to products like different colors and sizes. And how to create the About Us page, the Contact page, the menu and each section on the front page? If you like the awesome visuals I use, like these banners, I will show you how to add them.

More of that, I will show you how to create this section which contains a YouTube video you can use to show real people using your product. This is a tutorial I have been working for some time and is going to be longer than usual.

Let me know in the comment do you like short videos or longer in-depth video-tutorials? Ready? Let’s get started! Your domain name is how your customers find your website.

If they hear about you somewhere, will it be easy for them to remember your name? Even if you already have a name or you are looking to generate an original one, you still need it to be available.

So, try using a tool like Domain Wheel. The combinatorial algorithms will present interesting new options to choose from, while the domain availability checks up will suggest available extensions. I will try a phrase, something like “online clothing shelf”. Let’s see if there is something available… Fortunately, it is so I will buy the onlineclothingshelf.com domain right now.

Now that you have a domain name idea let’s go buy the domain name and hosting. If you already have a hosting service, like I do, you can buy the domain name only. If not, you can select a host for your site that offers a package designed for WordPress: domain name + hosting.

I encourage you to check the article on our blog to read about some of the best hosting providers for WordPress. Link in the description. The most important part in choosing a hosting provider is that you need an SSL certificate.

Without one, you cannot set up the payment methods. Usually, you can get an SSL certificate for free, and you can check the video on the card on this topic.

Therefore, I suggest Siteground.com, but you are free to use any hosting company you want, just make sure it is optimized for WordPress. By using Site Ground as your hosting provider, or any other service that uses Let’s Encrypt, a free security software in the cPanel, you can install a free SSL certificate in just a few clicks…Once you get the domain name + hosting and a free SSL certificate, let’s go to the next step which will be to set up WordPress.

Most of the popular hosting companies have an easy flow to install WordPress. To do that, go to your cPanel and search for the quick installer of WordPress.

You can find it easily because it is one of the auto installers every cPanel comes with by default. Once you click on it you will be redirected to the installer page where you should click on the “Install” tab.

Choose the protocol as HTTPS from the dropdown menu and then choose the domain you want WordPress to be installed on. Leave the In-Directory field blank unless you want WordPress to be installed on a subdomain, something that will look like onlineclothingshelf.com/blog.

Further down you need to choose a name for your online store and a description. Don’t worry if you have no idea of what to type in here for now because you can change that later.

Now, fill out these fields with your account details like the username and the password. Make sure you use uppercase letters, numbers and special character to make it as secures possible.

The email you type in here should be the email you are using to manage the website. Further down, choose the language of your online store in this drop-down if needed or leave it as it is by default – English. If you want to change that language, you Cando that later your dashboard.

Finally, check if you want to use Limit Login Attempts, which I recommend you do, and Contact Form by WP Forms Lite. If you check both boxes, then the auto installer will install those plugins on your dashboard.

Further down, setting a custom name for your database with a maximum of 7 characters and then a custom table prefix it’s strongly recommended. Finally, leave the backup location as it is by default and then click on Install.

Wait until WordPress will finish its installation. It will take just a few seconds. Once the installation process occurs, click on this link if you want to go to your dashboard or this link if you want to see your live site.

For now, it looks like any other installation of WordPress on a new website, but in the next minutes, you will see how to transform this into an awesome online store. Your theme decides the entire layout and feel of your site.

Finding a great theme that invites browsers to become buyers is worth taking a little extra time. Shop Isle is a powerful WordPress theme because it is clean and clearly features products in a way that scores engagement.

A grid of large pictures, with core information below, encourages customers to quickly browse and click on what interests them. Installing this theme on your WordPress website it’s easy. On the dashboard, click Themes in the Appearance menu, then click on Add New and search for the Shop Isle WordPress Theme. Install and activate it then move to the next step.

There are some extra features you can get to make your website really awesome. You will need to install Orbit Fox.

A modular, multipurpose plugin that will help to detect breaking changes in theme updates before you run them. Being an online store, you will use a lot of images, so an Image Optimization and CD service are helpful. Orbit Fox comes with an integrated free CDN.

It also automatically optimizes the images on your website, serving them under a browser-friendly format! Also, if you are worried your website will go down, try the Uptime Monitor to get notified email. As soon as you enter your email and hit save, your site will be registered to our uptime monitor and we’ll constantly check if it’s working.

I will show you other useful features this plugin comes with, in a minute, so keep watching. Installing the WooCommerce plugin will transform your WordPress website into an online store. Once you activate it, I recommend you run the setup wizard until you’ll get to the point where you can publish your first product.

First, choose the country where our store is based, US in this case. The address, clothing street 44, New York City and so on…If the currency you accept payments in is the US dollar, leave it as it is, or choose other currencies in the drop-down.

I plan to sell physical products, clothing items, right? So, I will choose the second option in this drop-down and then I will click Let’s go! Here comes the tricky part of the payment integration. I want you to understand that if you choose to accept debit and credit card payments with Stripe, all the payments will be processed on your website compared with PayPal where all the payments will be processed on their own server.

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