How To Start An Ecommerce Business For Beginners $100 daily

Hello everyone, here and today, in this video, I wanted to review the easiest way to start direct shipping in 2019, some of you may have heard me mention before that I am personally great at what you know,

starting to use the ship model and then later in the transition to building a brand around products with which you get results now, this particular video focuses on the starting point just before starting, whether you know you are starting or if you were in the middle of getting started,

I guarantee you will get value from this video, so make sure they stay until the end, because I will cover the three main components of the e-commerce ecosystem, so here I have gathered some different points that I wanted to review and if they see me looking away I will only go to my computer just following exactly what I described,

there are some key things that I wanted to review happen specifically that I think it will be very beneficial for you to learn in this video, so when the first game in electronic commerce began, there are basically three main components in an electronic commerce ecosystem, the way electronic commerce works,

some people They think they are coming and if they just put together a random Shopify store with some random products and publish some random Facebook ads, they will only get results magically,

I can be the cornerstone to tell them that if they haven’t heard yet it won’t be that easy Come in 2019, I think you should better understand how the online shopping process works and how the e-commerce ecosystem works.

The three main components of the trading ecosystem are broken down between your store’s products and marketing. Those are the three things you should have first to start, if you really want to get real results, let’s review these three and go through some key points in the middle.

Usually, they start and are recommended for anyone who is just starting After deciding if you want to go to a niche or general that you want, obviously, then make the transition to potentially look at some products,

but the main focus initially before launching anything should be beyond this store now there are some key things right if You do not know what it means to have an optimized or optimized stored website, do not worry,

it is not a problem, you can really know the reverse engineering after success after people have already done very well with their stores or you know their brands and you learn from them in commerce specifically, although design is all that your customers cannot physically be in your store, so you must make sure that your online store can make all sales for you and so when you are When creating your store,

you have to think that if you cannot offer your products to your customers, your store must be able to do it for you and there are Some key things you need to have in your store to be able to make your store sell for you, do the heavy work, otherwise, you will not be able to get the results you are looking for if you have no idea what type of design your store should have.

I recommend that you step back and start researching between three and four stores that are high-performance stores and any niche that you are planning to sell or stores that are around the specific products you plan to try.

In the theater, if you don’t know how to investigate, like in the best stores or on websites with better results, I will take a brief tour to show you how you can do it in a great tool that you can use absolutely for free too.

I’m starting, I don’t think you should reassemble a store that you think is a mistake that many people go ahead and create a store that looks good and believes that it will help make people a reality is a big risk you are taki ng al do it because the market knows what you want,

so if you are building a store based on what you want, you may not be in the right direction you want to focus on to find out what the market wants and what they are interested in and build your store around that, it is now natural to want your store to be a perfect reflection of your brand, your products and your vision, obviously, it is your business and, after all,

for many of us, e-commerce entrepreneurs, Usually that first store is like your Baby is the only showcase you have, so it is completely normal to want it to be perfect and hire everything in its place before launch, but that is like a double-edged sword because sometimes the p People can try to be too perfect and if you try too perfect, then you know it might take a little longer to launch an oy if you try to be too perfect…

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